Martes, Mayo 6, 2014

One hot Sunday and Best Buy…

It is a one hot Sunday yesterday, ‘noh? OA ang pagka init nowadays, as in hot na hot na talaga. A few steps from the sala to the kitchen make me sweat fast. And the electric fan don’t help much also with this kind of weather we have. Hot air din ang buga nya. I can’t attempt to turn on the aircondition at daytime because it is much needed in the evening when we are about to sleep and the cost of electricity it will bring to us.
Around 4pm I asked my eldest daughter to accompany me at Lianas Supermarket to buy plastic drawers for her pambahay clothes. Ginawa ko na kasing shoe rack nung cabinet nya. Liana’s is a discount mall kaso bakit ke mamahal ng plastic boxes nila! Okay, erased ko muna sa list ko yun. Check ko muna sa SM next time.
And since we’re already there, I didn't waste my time without buying something for the house.

And here they are, baby…

Chevron inspired rug @ Php 118.00 only

Cute Bedsheet Queen size @ PHp 299.00

And Polka dots lampshade @ 599.00

What a steal! Best buy talaga di ba?

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Martes, Abril 29, 2014

Haaay Buhay and Kwentos...

Haaaaay…It’s good to be back here again after a long hibernating inside my shell.

Where am I now?

I know I have lots of kwento but I cannot start it with something really good. Is this really happening to everyone? Sometimes I’m just sitting in front of my desk and computer, deeply thinking of what to do next…and lost again.

I was just kinda disappointed lately from not getting any encouragement from a person whom I trusted more that somehow he will understand me. Not motivated enough to do all the things I wanted to do. Bakit ganon?

When I’m at home, I prefer to lay on the comfort of my bed and sleep. I intend to eat more when I’m stressed. Stressed from what? I don’t know. Strange.

Haaaaaay buhay.

Main reason…..Getting old, hehehe.

Anyway, we were able to do the Visita Iglesia last Maundy Thursday around Laguna area. 7 churches and was able to finish the prayers at the 14 Stations of the Cross. Good ha? Kasi before we just went to churches, sight seeing, buying things and chatting. Now, we prayed along with the kids. Good example indeed.
Our last destination that day is in Paete wherein my three siblings are staying. We dine at one restaurant there and picture picture din. Good food and affordable too.
Sagot lahat ng two brothers ko hehehe. Seeing my siblings and chatting non-stop with them is one of the thing I’m missing. We are not complete that time because Cecile, my sister, is in abroad while Obhie, the youngest, is on duty to her work.

I was also irritated with the floor repair we have at home. It’s too messy and puro alikabok everywhere. Parang me “fault line” na dumapo sa floorings namin with matching sounds pa talaga that time na magbukahan si tiles.
We can’t ignore the crack kasi mas lalong lalaki ang gastos if we will not have it refurbish the soonest. The repair started Tuesday and end Monday the following week. Imagine the chaos and itchy feelings we have because of the dust. Good thing natapos din. We decided to move the dining table at the other side, which will give us more space. The console table was placed near the big door to the garage. Overall mas maayos ang kinalabasan.Post ko next time...

And finally I was able to buy printer! It’s Canon, baby. And it’s cheap too. For only Php 2, 850.00 you’ll get a 3-in-1 (print-scan-copy) printer na plus the ink is for only Php 315 only according to the salesman of Silicon Valley. Kaya lang naubos oras ko sa pag iinstall, grrrr, at di pa rin ma-install. Try ko ulet mamya.

And guess what? We have a new househelper na. Thanks to my former yaya, Ate Len Len for letting her sister, Ate Wela, to be with us in times of our needs. Never mind the transportation cost basta dumating lang ang sarap na ng feeling. Pero sa totoo lang, it charged us Php 3500 for the airplane ride and baon hehehe…#tsakitsabulsarin.

That’s it for now…gather ko muna ulet utak ko somewhere. Baka maglagalag ulet. Mahirap na baka di na bumalik, joke…

I love you...#inlovelang

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Biyernes, Abril 4, 2014

Workshop and househelper...

I’m still alive and kicking, mga tsong!

Yeah, a very busy days for me talaga, as in super dooper. First, it is because my househelper is missing in action for almost a week now. She went home last weekend and wasn’t able to come back on our agreed date. According to her junakis her mother is sick. Okay, fine. All I can say is to get well soon and if she needs medicine just let me know.
Second, I attended a workshop in Makati for two days. Leaving my family without a helper is a very challenging, stressful and worries on my part. But then they survived with all the messiness and chaos of the house hehe. 
And now, almost a week without a maid is really an energy draining on us especially me hehe. Imagine the sky high dirty plates and other kitchen ware that will greet you when you get home, the overflowing laundry bin, muddy floors, unfinished beds and so on.
But I thank the High Above for giving us energy to do our task even without the help of others. He really moves in mysterious ways. Like what happened last Thursday when our former maid (not the one who is sick) texted me that her sister is willingly to apply to us. I grabbed the opportunity and send her the money agad thru CEbuana. Check! One less to our alalahanin.

On my first day at the seminar/workshop, I was given an ID lace because of being an early bird. The other one is a male from other company. I was overwhelmed with the participants who attended. They were all good as well as the speaker. I sat in between with Kate (Unilab) and Ruby (Phillips) on my first day. Food is served in buffet and everything tastes good. I wasn’t able to take pictures kasi nakakahiya, walang nagse selfie kasi dun.  Class picture was taken  outside the building.  From my experience there, I was able to gauge my capabilities as an employee of our company. For me we need an exposure like this one. But I know companies nowadays are not that kind of supportive when it comes to continuous education primarily because of the budget. 
Anyway on my second day there, the male in front sat besides me because I was near the electrical outlet where his laptop is plugged. And because Kate is late, she just sat near the exit which is also in line with the tables. She understands naman. During the course, some computations are done and let every one talks about their current problem experiences with regards to forecasting and demand management. 

We were able to finish the program early. The awarding of certificates and class pictures is very rewarding. I felt that I fulfilled another milestone of my life hehe, though it is just a workshop but I consider this an award for me. Aside from the fact that I also learned a lot from there, there’s something inside of me telling that I should move up and continue this. By the way, there’s an upcoming seminar on June and I’m thinking to attend to it too *crossing fingers*.
Gotta save for the upcoming one.
That’s it for now …

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Miyerkules, Marso 19, 2014


The journey that I’m about to begin in a few days is just a start of getting to know who I am, my capabilities and my eagerness to explore the outside shell of my comfort zone. I know this will be hard and very expensive, rest assured that this will be gonna be fruitful…in time, I know. This is for a long-term goal, this is for my family, and this is for me, too.

All I want for now is a moral support and of course, understanding. Negative reasons or any depressing responses are not welcome muna. Mawawala ako sa sirkulasyon, sa path. 
Kaka stress lang talaga pag eto na pinag uusapan namin. They are not convinced with it. Welcome ko naman feedbacks, comments and advice but what I don’t like is when they insist what they what me to do as if they know everything about my undertakings. Sometimes all I need is just an ear to listen to my plans, my dreams and a pat behind my back, that’s all.

Ang hirap pa naman i-explain sa taong kausap na me sariling pananaw. Nakaka stress drillon lang talaga. My left eyelid is twitching already because of it. Sino ba namang taong di natatakot sa changes, talagang nakakatakot yun di ba? At least I tried. I experienced. No hurt feelings in the end because this is all I want. This is what I want me to be. I need to find my niche somewhere else. 

Anyway, according to my inner self (yes, we’re talking to each other, weird?) I should go on with my plans. The more aggressive and enthusiastic I am, the more achievements and…winning moment hehehe…ano ba yan.
Showbiz, here I am…
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Este mali…

World, here I am! 


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